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dancing in the rain

oh baby baby

We were asked to leave our hostel in montezuma as it was "full", although I believe we were thrown out as Nadav was too rowdy, beacuse there were 12 free rooms.

We decided to go to Santa Teresa, and it was my job to sort out the bus times. Nadav and I were sat at what I believed to be the bus stop for one and a half hours until we realised it was 100m down the road and we had missed the only bus. After lots of sulking we got a taxi!

That night Nadav made the famous shakshuker or whatever its called and we had to go and watch basketball for the third night in a row! This is the problem with hanging out with Americans.

Over the next couple of days we went to yoga class which was fabulous. I snapped the key in the door to our room and started crying because I thought they would have to break the door down, but they managed to get it out with some tweezers. I made friends with a fire eater named miguel. I had a surf lesson which was amzing, the waves were perfect!

On Saturday night I went to a techno club in the middle of the jungle with the yoga teacher and met the boys there. The best thing was there was no roof on the dancefloor! It started turrential raining which was so much fun everyone was soaking and covered in mud. A lightening bolt struck 10 m away from me which was pretty scary, I initially thought we were being fired at by a cannon. I walked home with Justin, a proffesional american football player from the nfl, he had lost his flip flops. He was screaming and crying and cursing the rocks on the 2 mile walk home. Then we broke into the fridge and ate brown guacamole.

I had lots of fun lying around on the beach and got a bright red bum to go with my white body.

Yesterday I got up at 4.30 with a kiwi boy called Leeroy to make the 12 hour bus ride to la fortuna. Leeroy chickened out half way though and got off the bus in san jose as he could not stand the bus for any longer.

I arrived at 5.30 and met my roomates...american GIRLS i was so happy for female company. We went out for dinner and then bought a big bottle of rum and played ring of fire. We headed to a karaoake bar and sange britney, which looking at the video was maybe not the wisest idea. We asked for Flo rider 10 times until at last the man played it.

Today I am going to get a jeep and a boat to Monteverde with Iris from the spanish school, for the dreaded zip lining through the cloud forest!

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things i forgot

I got stuck in an ATM booth. I was banging and screaming on the doors for about 10 minutes until a woman took pity and came and let me out. It was only then that I realised that there is a door release button inside.

Nedav and I spent forever choosing groceries as he wwanted to cook an israeli dish. It was only when we got back to the hostel that we realised use of the kitchen is forbidden. So we marched back to the shop and he argued until they refunded us for all of our fruit, vegetables and squashed bread.

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speed boat sick and lightening show

That night in Jaco I hit the town with a gaggle of American lads and I took full advantage of ladies night even though I was the only "lady" in the bar. This was possibly not the best idea as the next day we set sail on the pacific for montezuma.

I HEART MONTEZUMA it is a tiny bright fishing village with lots of hippies and there is a kitten living at our hostel!

Yesterday we went on a ridiculous trek up a mountain to find some waterfalls, you had to climb the vines to get there. After about half an hour of extrreme climb we made it! I managed to overcome my recent over the top fear of heights and jump off a rock into the waterfall!

Last night there was a party on the street with fire jugglers amd drummers, everyone humg out on the beach and then we went to a reggae party.

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so hot i may explode

Last night Nadav and I went out and had a lot of free rum, as ofcourse it was ladies night. Today I have eaten a sort of omlette and some raw seabass in lime juice.

Jaco is the hottest place on earth it seems, I have spent most of the day cowering in the shaded corner of the pool or sat with my sarong over my head, whilst all of the American boys laugh at how white I am and how pathetic my skin is.

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gherkin meal

banana chips

After the garden visit, Michael (a dutch boy from the hostel) and I decided to go on a search for the famous hot springs. We possibly left it a bit late in the day, by the time we arrived it was 4.30 and very grey overhead. The taxi driver drove over a rope bridge, on which wooden planks had been placed, which was one of the most terrifying expereinces of my life! He dropped us at the edge of the jungle and gestured the way. After half an hour of searching through the trees we found a little pond surrounded by stones and concluded that that must be it.

The water was so hot i just had to sit with my feet dipped in! After about 5 minutes the heavens opened and it poured down for the next hour leaving all of our belongings and clothes soaked. It was quite a surreal experience.

That night I ate red pasta and watched Harry Potter.

The next day we moved on to David, into a hostel in the middle of nowhere! After a dip in the pool we explored the city, I was amazed at the number of phone chargers on offer at the side of the road. That night we ate at a tiny restaurant, and had a sort of fish and chips, except the chips were made of banana and everything was smothered in gherkins.

Yesterday we decided to cross the border back into Costa Rica. We left the house at 7am and walked 5 metres when a man said "you wanna go to the border?" so we got in his mini bus and that was that. After 10 hours on aother bus we arrived in San Jose. We had another explore and watched a pregnant woman and an old man perform as some sort of hip hop act.
We watched slumdog millionaire which was heaven and then bumped into Nirav, our friend from Peurto Viejo which was random.

This morning I left with Nirav for the hottest place on earth, Jaco. So far I have sweated an extreme amount and been chased by a pack of 8 barking dogs.

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