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crabs in the toilet

dogs in the night club

After arriving at rocking J's soaking wet and wanting to die we headed out to explore port viejo. Everywhere was soggy and the roads were flooded but the beaches looked beautiful and there were plenty of rastas around. After getting some food ( which Katie managed to keep down) we headed back to our jail cell at the hippy hang out.

We met out cell mate nadav an american israeli and made some american friends (future neurosurgeon millionaire and Fred Durst lookalike). We went out to the ladies night for free cocktails which probably didnt contain any alcohol, busted some moves on the dance floor to reggae and dance hall with stray dogs chilling in da club. A fuuny man with a fake grasshopper scared katie to death by putting it in her hair and then spent the next 20 minutes saying SORRY and demanding money.

Today we lay around on the beach with the sun shining and crabs dancing and worked on spanish and our tans (or lack of).

love you lots xxxxxxxxxx

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after a hellish journey where we thought someone had made off with our bags we have arrived! we are staying in a hippy commune and are going to a rasta party tonight x x

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Rafting on the river paquare

sick sick sick

storm 30 °C

Our aerobics class on Friday afternoon was pretty much the same as on Wednesday, although there was a slight variation to the routine. Flowing locks made us jog circuits whilst he went outside and flirted with the local boys and then we had to do a hellish 300 sit ups. After class we headed to ole ole bar for burritos with our friends from the school. Lorna had a huge lovely cocktail.

The next morning we awoke bright and early and Katie donned another strange outfit of long red boys flowery shorts, a bright purple T shirt and blue foam shoes. We were picked up by the two robertos in a minibus and made our way to the pacuare river for white water rafting. The drive was beautiful, we saw the smoking volcano and headed deep into the jungle. When we arrived we met some local characters, including an american man (gringo) who immediately told us about his degrees, his huge house, how he lives for danger and that jesus does not exist, before we had even got a word in. Our rafting instructor was ironically called moses. As usual we were the only two people in our raft. The other raft contained three large costa rican men on a work outing.

We jumped off a big rock into the river and floated down the little rapids for the first section, then got dragged into the raft by our life jackets before we hit the big ones. Katie screached the whole way down and constantly had her mouth open, there were some pretty scary grade 4 rapids and we got very wet. At one point two of the large men in the other raft toppled over board, lorna smacked one on the head with a paddle as he was sucked past. They had their shoes ripped off and feet cut on the rocks. Everyone else found it very amusing.

We felt very small as we floated past walls of forest and through gorges, with indian jones style vines hanging down to the water. There were beautiful electric blue butterflies and cable suspended cages that the Indians use to cross the river. we stopped for freshly prepared lunch on the edge of the dense jungle and were eaten by midges as we ate our burritos. after lunch we continued down the river through more grade 4s and past waterfalls, we rafted for about 5 hours an apparently covered 28 kms.
we finished at a resturant were the kayaker showed us the photos he taken of the trip, they were helarious in everyone Katie had her mouth wide open and looked like she was about to die while the rest of the raft posed for the camera! after playing with a mini puppy and a baby we got the bus back to Turrialba, one of the fat men gave us his number, yeah, which we have now unfortunately lost.

that night strange noises were emitted from the depths of Katies stomach, as true to form she got food poisioning. yesterday was spent watching bad movies and with Katie sleeping for about 100 hours in a row. but we manage to complete our spanish essay for the deadline.

we were supposed to leave for the coast today but katie is still feeling dodgy, so we decided to postpone, so i am writing this to the noise of the tropical rain, toucans and katie vomiting! so we are gonna chill today and re assess tomorrow, wish me luck! over and out

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we can't speak spanish but we can dance

gay gay gay lycra

sunny 30 °C

while still feeling the pain of our gruelling painful horse ride we got ready for aerobics, our next challenge. but nothing could prepare us for what we were about to experience....
we arrived at the local sports hall to find dozens of saggy middle aged women in lycra bra tops and cycling shorts warming up. then out strode our instructor, greasy locks flowing down to his sweat patchs, his short lycra shorts, pulled up socks and a moustache completing the look.
we started our exersises (stepping side to side really fast) to remixes of eminem, pink and what sounded like titianic. as we lunged and squatted we had views of more than we bargained for, looking around for some reason no one else seemed to find it as amusing as we did. our routines were observed by the local talent who were either playing basket ball, (one of the old men on the team had a least one fake leg) or running around the bleachers.
afterwards we cancelled out our hard work by getting pizza for dinner with our dutch comrades. we went to bed in excruciating pain.

the next day we did our homework and took a trip to town were after much deliberation katie bought some batteries.
we had our lessons after lunch and then rushed our homework before the party (half a glass of wine and some suspect boiled beef sausages), we made our excuses and took a taxi to town for our salsa class, we arrived and as is becoming a trend we were the only people there. we nodded as the instuctor talked at us in spanish, then we took to the floor to show them how we english get down. we learnt salsa, a dance begining with b and a costa rican dance begining with c.

The instructors sons, arrogant Juan and bashful Jose were forced to dance with us against their will by their mother. Katie thought they smelt nice. we danced bare foot, by the end they were black and bleeding. one step further on our quest for total body pain. I feel they were impressed by our moves, well at least thats what we thought they said at the end.

after our class we went for drinks at ladies night at the local bar, after queing for about an hour we recieved our two free, small, cherry margharitas. Juan and Jose arrived at the same bar and promptly ignored us, but we think it was because they were shy.
we came home and went to bed after our wild night at about half 9.

Today, we set the alarm for quarter past 6 as we hadnt done our homework and prepared for our lesson at 8. after the lesson in was boiling so we went to the pool, Katie managed to burn a patch in the shape of america on her thigh. The pool was occupied by the body beautiful club, bronzed pecs glistening in the midday sun. then we came home to prepare for aerobics mark two, we will fill you in asap.

miss you, love, pura vida.

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cowboy riding

we are in pain

sunny 29 °C

After a faaaaabbbulous lesson we did our homework on the balcony with vultures swooping past. We had an appetising lunch of mashed up avocado and tuna sandwiches, which were too buttery for lornas tastes, even though they contained no butter. Katie was so nervous about the immenent horse riding that she felt too sick to eat her lemon crisps.

Katie dressed in high waisted beige trousers that were baggy around the bum and too short, whilst Lorna pulled off cow girl chic in a shark hat. We met our "instructor" "frank" a real life cow boy with a lassoo, hat and no english. We mounted our steeds, katies a brown thing called volcan, whilst lornas was was white and called cricket as it liked to jump around and move its legs.

We headed up the mountain, with our skate boarding helmets, through the sugar cane and coffee plantations at a constant trot that made katie feel sick. If we tried to slow down frank would whip the horses to speed them up, it made katie cry on the inside. "MY HEAD HAS NEVER SWEATED SO MUCH" We went down sheer drops, through rivers and over trees.

After two hours we made it back, and were allowed to slow down to a walk. Now we are off out to torture ourselves at the local aerobics class.


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