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Poisoned by frogs

entirely red like frogs

sunny 50 °C

We arrived at our accommodation a house 5 metres away from an airfield with a tempramental water pump and a thin layer of sand covering everything in the house.

sweaty and grumpy from the boat ride, we were greeted by the "perfect couple" blonde beautiful german law student and her muscley funny partner, who were sickeningly nice and to top it off stylishly dressed.

That afternoon we explored the island of colon, which despite the name is quite pretty. for dinner we had our staple of red pasta, yum. that night we headed to all the bars that provided free drinks clutching our flyers and then took a boat to a night club on an adjacent island, here it was free drinks for girls until midnight which Katie in true british style took full advantage of. We met some old aquantences from the hardened travellers circuit.

The next day we took a half hour boat ride to red frog beach in search of the elusive frog, after 5 hours of searching the paradise beach and jungle as we were about to leave a local ran past with a frog in his hand which he promptly threw at lorna. after cradling the tiny red frog with black spots some one said 'arent they the ones they use for the poisoned arrows?" lorna spent ther next few hours convinced her face and hands were going numb as katie laughed and said you better enjoy your last few hours then.

when we returned to the sandy house and pealed off our dank clothes we realised we had burnt a good 90% of our bodies, and we felt like true brits abroad. we spent the rest of the evening wincing when ever we changed position, to cheer ourselves up we decided to go out for a chinese. after we interpreted the spanish chinese menu it turned out we had ordered what was basically a huge plate of partly cooked shreaded cabbage. feeling full if not satisfied we went to yet another bar with free drinks got a shot to numb the pain and headed back for an uncomfortable nights sleep to the sounds of airplanes and rowing neighbours.

the next day we headed to another island paradise, where the sea was like a bath, to soothe our burnt bodies. after we did some shopping, lorna carefully selected and bartered over her purchase and on the walk home promptly threw it into someones wheely bin thinking it was rubbish. about a hour later while watching jaws in spanish realisation dawned and lorna sprinted down the street and after shooing away a scavenging vulture had to dig through the contents of the bin, much to the amusement of the watching locals.
that evening we took the night bus to panama city, for which we had arrived 2 hours early just to make sure. while waiting we played cards to the cat calls of the local boys. the night bus was a bumpy ride as many of the roads had been taken out by a recent flood. at about 2 in the morning we were roughly awaken by 'migration' officals demanding to see our passports, final we arrived in panama city at 4 am. we took a cab to the hostel and the doorman let us sleep on the sofas, katie for some reason choosing a tiny hamock, until the main hostel opened at 8am.

today we have wandered around the scorching and beautiful spanish architecture of the city, and tried on many strange garments in the local stores most of which we bought. On a whim we paid one dollar for a pedicure for lorna and a manicure for katie as she wasnt allowed her toes done. The results are interesting to say the least. we went to a local market and lorna spent the last of her money on presents so is eating bananas for lunch and dinner today.

unfortunately lorna is heading home tomorrow so katie is carrying on the adventure!

To be continued...

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